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2017 Individual and Institutional Resilience: Start the New Year Right

At Threshold GlobalWorks we are excited about the work that lies ahead in 2017 and are dedicated to making a difference in the United States and globally. In today’s highly networked and demanding, often under-resourced environments, increasing rates of burn-out, secondary traumatization, demoralization, and staff attrition, as well as depletion of physical  well-being, often characterize […]

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Neuroscience Sheds New Light on Juvenile Crime

It is encouraging and exciting to see neuroscience research being used in the criminal justice system. If you haven’t read Lawrence Steinberg’s book, Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence, I highly recommend it. It describes the confluence of sex hormones and an abundance of dopamine receptors and the resulting teenage drive for intensity […]

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The Joys of Collaboration!

This has been a busy time for us at TGW. It is exciting to see how many organizations and communities are expanding their lens to recognize the strengths of individuals and not just their vulnerabilities and are including our SRM skills-based approach to amplify resilience. It is not enough to be “trauma-informed.” There have to […]

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Rwanda: Communities That Heal

The photo shows the President of Rwanda, Paul Kigame, speaking at the Twelfth National Dialogue (called the 2014 Umushyikirano) on 11/11/15. In his remarks he highlighted the country’s intention to “tackle trauma cases related to the Genocide Against Tutsis.” Our Peacebuilder Project is a contribution to this goal and is now embarking on the data […]

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Posting From Nepal: Building Resilience Through Play and Skills

July 5, 2015 Flying into Kathmandu it is hard at first to see the effect of the earthquake. The city was not at the epicenter of the quake and, although there is damage it does not appear to be widespread. Once you leave the city, however, the impact of the disaster is clear…damaged roads, collapsed […]

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Rwanda: Resilience in Action

I returned 2 weeks ago from Rwanda where we have an on-going project focused on the re-entry of genocide perpetrators after prison into their communities. We have developed an intervention model that joins council practice (a process of deep listening across difference) and SRM’s self-regulation skills. During each of our trips we orient relevant people […]

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Threshold GlobalWorks in Nepal

On April 25, 2015 a huge 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal and was followed by more than 240 aftershocks, one of which was a 7.3 magnitude. The death toll is in the many thousands (8,500 at a minimum) with many thousands injured, and reports say that 2.5 million are homeless. Spiritual treasures were destroyed as […]

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A Neuroscience Lens: Intimate Partner Violence

“Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Justice-involved Women” was the topic of a panel I participated on at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice yesterday. The panelists were eloquent as they spoke about the distressing statistics that describe the high percent of justice-involved women who have experienced IPV. My role on the panel was to […]

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Essential Lens: Neuroscience and Corrections

Threshold GlobalWorks (TGW) has been developing programs for inmates and corrections officers (COs); programs that help increase the capacity to self-regulate, decrease reactivity, and increase positive and resilient behavior. I have just returned from work in a maximum security prison in California where we worked for two days with a group of inmates using the […]

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