The mission of Threshold GlobalWorks is to accelerate leading-edge initiatives, informed by neuroscience, that amplify social resilience and human potential.


“Mental Health:” an outdated term:

A criticism that used to be common about mental health professionals is that we are one of the few clinical disciplines that doesn’t ever actually see the very organ we target our interventions at. Today, in part because of the amazing advances in neuroimaging, we can see pictures of how electrical impulses travel in the brain and what parts of the brain light up when we think, feel, or do certain things…

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slide-sampleThreshold GlobalWorks Announces Core Concepts Essays

By popular request, TGW will be posting quarterly essays on SRM core concepts. The first essay on The Human Nervous System is posted in Our Writings. Also upcoming are essays on applications of the core concepts to particular populations including: healthcare, corrections, international, and military. Stay tuned.

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War and Ink: Images and Stories Told Through Tattoos

Laurie Leitch and Brigadier General (ret.) Loree Sutton are in the process of putting together a book about the war-related tattoos of OEF/OIF active military and veterans. The book is intended to be a way to inform the public about the war experience through image and story.

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RwandaWhat does it mean to heal? How can a community torn apart by unspeakable acts of violence come together, bear witness, lean in, move on… perhaps one day forgive?

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Jamiah Tappin, MSW, Community Organizer

Jamiah Tappin, MSW, Community Organizer

Social Resilience training features neurobiologically-based skills to amplify social resilience in individuals, caregivers, managers and leaders as well as to enhance functioning of work teams, enterprises, and communities. This workshop provides a balance of interactive learning, neuroeducation, case vignettes and skills practice within facilitated small groups.

We promote knowledge and skills that amplify systemwide resilience in groups, enterprises and other communities by ensuring that neuro-biological self-regulation skills are a core competency throughout the system. Here’s how:

Transformational Leadership

We consult to and collaborate with individuals, enterprises and communities on amplifying social resilience with our practical and innovative Social Resilience Model. Our approach features brain-training and attentional practices, self-care tools, and networking strategies that build collaborative linkages, reduce burn-out, moral distress, and bullying.

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Global Human Security and Veterans Reintegration

We have a conceptual framework that includes human security and integrated risk management. Working at the systems/enterprise level, our Social Resilience Model (SRM) includes practical interventions which build collaborative intelligence and peak performance: "Protecting vital freedom.

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Writings & Public Presentations

As social entrepreneurs, we are committed to disseminating our ideas, learning from others, and broadening our impact by writing and public presentations. We publish books, articles, and blog posts about the Social Resilience Model.

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What Is Social Resilience?

Social resilience is the timely capacity of individuals and groups — family, community, country and enterprise — to be more generative during times of stability and to adapt, reorganize and grow in response to disruption.

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The Social Resilience Model

Threshold GlobalWorks (TGW) offers the Social Resilience Model as a practical approach to building capacity for adaptive growth, transformational leadership and collaborative intelligence within systems of all sizes. Incorporating peer-to-peer self-regulation skills at all levels of leadership, SRM applies the power of emerging neuroscience wisdom coupled with the experience of community itself, amplified and sustained within social support networks. Customized SRM strategies respect and reflect the unique attributes and aspirations of clients, partners, teams, communities and enterprises with whom TGW is privileged to serve.

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Essential Lens: Neuroscience and Corrections

Threshold GlobalWorks (TGW) has been developing programs for inmates and corrections officers (COs); programs that help increase the capacity to self-regulate, decrease reactivity, and increase positive and resilient behavior. I have just returned from work in a maximum security prison in California where we worked for two days with a group of inmates using the […]

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“We can’t solve problems if we use the same kind of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein.

On Sunday January 18, 2015 the New York Times Week in Review had a lead article by Dick Morris, a veteran of the Iraq war diagnosed with PTSD. He was very compelling in describing his negative experience with an intervention called Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET). PET includes regular re-exposure, over time, to the images, sights, […]

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NYC Federal Reserve Bank Supports Veterans Reintegration

Recently, I was fortunate to participate on a panel at New York City’s Federal Reserve Bank in honor of Veterans Day. The bank has had a veterans network made up of employees who served in the military for many years now. They sponsor programs for their employees to not only sensitize them to the challenges […]

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