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Our Mission & Our Work

The mission of Threshold GlobalWorks is to accelerate leading-edge initiatives, informed by neuroscience, that amplify social resilience and human potential.

Threshold GlobalWorks promotes knowledge and skills that promote systemwide resilience in groups, enterprises and other communities by ensuring that neurobiological mind-body understanding and corresponding self-regulation skills are a core competency throughout the system.

The Coronavirus has required major changes in everyone’s life. It has also created a climate of stress, fear and uncertainty. The human nervous system is extremely sensitive to fear and stress and can respond in ways that generate a rush of stress chemicals in our bodies. These chemicals can have a toxic effect on our health…both emotional and physical. But, the nervous system is also wired with the potential for resilience. In the video above, Laurie Leitch provides a short introduction to SRM and a brief skills practice. Try it!

What Is Social Resilience?

Social resilience is the timely capacity of individuals and groups — family, community, country and enterprise — to be more generative during times of stability and to adapt, reorganize and grow in response to disruption.

Threshold GlobalWorks offers the Social Resilience Model as a practical approach to building capacity for adaptive growth, transformational leadership and collaborative intelligence within systems of all sizes. Incorporating peer-to-peer self-regulation skills at all levels of leadership, SRM applies the power of emerging neuroscience wisdom coupled with the experience of community itself, amplified and sustained within social support networks. Customized SRM strategies respect and reflect the unique attributes and aspirations of clients, partners, teams, communities and enterprises with whom TGW is privileged to serve.

John Jay College Navigator Course Graduation

Nepalese children with their SRM "science crowns"

Gun Violence Wall Graffiti and Memorial in Harlem

TGW Works With the Detroit Ceasefire Staff

Rwanda Association of Trauma Counselors, a TGW Partner