Public Trainings and Events

Public Events

Training available to the Public:

August 17-19, 2018: Social Resilience Model Level 1

Where: Upaya Zen Center Santa Fe, New Mexico

The SRM Level 1 training presents the neuroscience foundation and resilience skills that can be used clinically, non-clinically, and for self-care. The training is a combination of large and small group discussion, didactic presentations, and skills practice.

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Ongoing SRM Facilitator Study Group in NYC

The facilitator study group meets monthly on the 4th Monday of the month from 5:30-7pm at NAMI 505 Eighth Ave at 35th Street, Suite 1103, in Manhattan. It is open to anyone who has completed SRM1 and commits to attending all facilitator training sessions. Participation in a study group is one step in being able to facilitate at SRM trainings and be involved in TGW’s national and international projects. Contact Laurie Leitch: if you would like to be included.


In 2018 we have some exciting projects!

  • Our work with Ceasefire Detroit continues as the new SRM Ceasefire Trainers go into the field offering  RZone self-regulation skills in four high violence precincts.
  • SRM’s RZone skills focused on self-care will also be incorporated into the regional meetings of John Jay College for Criminal Justice’s Safe Neighborhoods Projects. Providers are not so good at taking care of themselves and using RZone skills helps providers “walk their talk.”
  • TGW is proud to be a partner with Osborne Associates in a 3-year Arrest Diversion project for  youth (14-21) who have been picked up for minor crimes. The project, an alternative to jail and prison, includes a SRM Train the Trainer for the Arrest Diversion project staff as well as for other Osborne Associates staff.
  • Our PeaceBuilder Project continues in Rwanda. The next phase is a Train the Trainer component for staff of the Rwanda Association of Trauma Counselors (ARCT-Ruhuka) and for the Rwanda Center for Council. These trainers will go into prisons and communities to build linkages between genocide perpetrators who are close to completing their sentences and the communities to which they will return.
  • We will also be doing conference and workshop presentations in the U.S. and Canada, contributing a chapter to a book on adverse childhood events, collaborating on staff wellness with hospital and prison systems, and are developing another school resilience program that can be a stand alone on-line course.
  • And, one more that we’re very proud of, the book War and Ink, which was put on a back burner for 2 years, is starting again. This book features the tattoos of veterans and family members that are related to the war experience as well as their stories about the tattoos. Laurie Leitch, Threshold GlobalWorks’ Director, and Lindsey Staneck, Director of Paws and Stripes are resuming the gathering of combat veteran and their family members’ deployment-related tattoos. The “I got your six tattoo at the right is Lindsey’s. IGY6 to the  military community is shorthand for “I’ve got your back.”
  • If you haven’t read Laurie’s latest article “Action Steps Using ACES and Trauma-informed Care: A Resilience Model, recently published in the Journal of Health and Justice it is on our writings page. It describes the unintended consequences of the ACE Survey and of Trauma Informed Care (TIC).