About Threshold GlobalWorks

The mission of Threshold GlobalWorks is to accelerate leading-edge initiatives, informed by neuroscience, that amplify social resilience, health literacy and human potential.

Threshold GlobalWorks promotes knowledge and skills that promote systemwide resilience in groups, enterprises and other communities by ensuring that neurobiological mind-body understanding and corresponding self-regulation skills are a core competency throughout the system.

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laurie-smLaurie Leitch, Ph.D. has been a clinical trainer, researcher and organizational consultant for over 25 years. She is the Director and Co-Founder of Threshold GlobalWorks (TGW), which was formed in 2011. She previously co-founded Trauma Resource Institute (TRI), based in California, in 2005, leaving in 2011 to launch Threshold GlobalWorks in New York City. She has co-developed models of intervention that provide practical self-regulation skills and training in neuroscience-based approaches that amplify resilience, foster collaboration across diversity, and enhance organizational “fitness.”

The Social Resilience Model builds linkages and networks throughout organizational and community systems to enhance the capacity for generativity, creativity, and principled practices