About Threshold GlobalWorks

The mission of Threshold GlobalWorks is to accelerate leading-edge initiatives, informed by neuroscience, that amplify social resilience and human potential.

Threshold GlobalWorks promotes knowledge and skills that promote systemwide resilience in groups, enterprises and other communities by ensuring that neurobiological mind-body understanding and corresponding self-regulation skills are a core competency throughout the system.

The Social Resilience Model builds linkages and networks throughout organizational and community systems to enhance the capacity for generativity, creativity, and principled practices

Who We Are

Laurie Leitch, Ph.D. has been a clinical trainer, researcher and organizational consultant for over 25 years. She is the Director and Co-Founder of Threshold GlobalWorks (TGW), which was formed in 2011. She previously co-founded Trauma Resource Institute (TRI), based in California, in 2005, leaving in 2011 to launch Threshold GlobalWorks in New York City. She has co-developed models of intervention that provide practical self-regulation skills and training in neuroscience-based approaches that amplify resilience, foster collaboration across diversity, and enhance organizational “fitness.”

What We Do

What if there was a way of providing children and adults with easily learned skills and concepts that they could use to deepen their own resilience? And, what if these skills could also be used for the self-care of those of us who provide care to others? And, what if there was a way to help organizations, enterprises, communities and even countries use this information to develop policies and practices that amplify the resilience of their workers and citizens? The Social Resilience Model (SRM) now also called Brain Gain Program (BGP), is a neuroscience-based model which is being used nationally and internationally to contribute to each of the domains above. This practical and accessible intervention has been used globally in areas that have experienced catastrophic events as well as with individuals and organizations suffering from the continuum of stress-spectrum events, including systemic racism.

In today’s highly networked and interdependent global environment, individuals, communities and enterprises require a cohesive approach such as SRM/BGP which is capable of amplifying the natural resilience each of us is born with and that can have an impact across all levels of systems, starting with the individuals that comprise those systems.

As we experience today’s events it is clear that volatility is the new normal. Increasing rates of burn-out, moral distress, primary and secondary traumatization, demoralization, and staff attrition often characterize systems (schools, hospitals, workplaces, communities) whose tools to enhance well-being are struggling to keep pace with an environment of relentless change, diminishing resources, and increasing complexity and risk. At TGW we provide training and support in building resilient and responsive individuals and systems.

Writings & Public Presentations

At Threshold GlobalWorks we are committed to disseminating our ideas, learning from others, and broadening our impact by writing, public presentations, and collaboration with our diverse partners. We are committed to publishing articles and sharing learning materials on aspects of our Social Resilience Model/ Brain Gain Program. A major focus in 2020 and 2021 is the development and testing of a platform that will enable us to scale the SRM and RZone Skills far beyond what we can do via face-to-face training.

Drawing upon over 3 decades of clinical, leadership, and organizational experience Laurie Leitch, Ph.D., Director of TGW, has worked with diverse populations struggling with stress, distress, and trauma. TGW was established in 2011 to design and implement social impact initiatives nationally and internationally in settings that are coping with environments of relentless change and increasing complexity and in communities often living with the depleting effects of systemic racism. All TGW projects include a focus on working in ways that amplify the dignity and capabilities of each individual, target collective capacity-building and skills-based training to foster generativity, optimize performance, and build resilience in individuals, work teams, enterprises, communities, and systems of all sizes.