A New Year!

Dec 29, 2020

The arrival of a new year always encourages a review of the one that has just ended. And, there may never have been a year in the past several decades that posed so many challenges to our resilience! It has been extremely gratifying that Threshold GlobalWorks has been able to contribute to providing the Social Resilience Model’s practical skills and neuroscience-based knowledge to our widest audiences ever, including to our essential healthcare workers.

A core value that grounds TGW’s work is the dignity of all people and the importance of self-determination. Our SRM Train the Trainer programs (SRM TTP) are the main method we use to spread SRM to diverse populations, both in the U.S. and internationally. The Train the Trainer Programs are designed to amplify resilience in over-stressed work settings and in under-served and under-resourced communities, often in communities that have lived with systemic, structural racism.

SRM TTPs, now being conducted via Zoom, currently have an enrollment of over 150 trainees representing organizations including police departments, court systems, children’s hospitals, public schools, medical schools, addictions treatment programs, state and county agencies, faith-based organizations, university medical schools, and more. As these future SRM trainers fan out across their communities, it is exciting to imagine the many ways that each individual’s, organization’s, and community’s capacity for resilience will be enhanced and expanded. When I think about the fact that if each of these amazing and dedicated SRM trainers offered SRM to just 50 people we would have equipped 7500 individuals with the ability to harness their own resilience and to share the skills with peers. And, our systems-level focus on resilience-informed organizational policies, programs, and practices will shape service delivery for years to come. This is scalability and sustainability in action!

This year ends on an exciting note for TGW with the creation of another version of the SRM Skills Card (our fourth). The skills cards are a simple and effective way for anyone to learn and then use SRM’s skills and neuroscience information for their own health as well as peer to peer. We consider the skills and core concepts to be “appropriate technology” since they can decrease people’s dependence on systems they have little or no control over. My first Skills Card version (see photo) was a set of little laminated pages, hand-drawn by me, that illustrated our skills and used just a few words for each skill. Years later, there is a card version that is a gender and race-neutral card (often used in our international work), a card for diverse communities, a card for organizations working at our southern border with Central Americans fleeing the drug cartels…and now we have an SRM Kids Card! The SRM Kids Card was refined and enhanced by a group of practitioners who work with youth, many in residential treatment, in our SRM Train the Trainer Program in the State of Massachusetts’ Department of Mental Health.

As TGW closes out a busy year I wish everyone a healthy, resilient, and generative 2021!



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