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Islands of Healing: Trauma Resiliency in the Schools

Jean Berg’s thesis, “Islands of Healing: Trauma Resiliency in the Schools,” incorporates the Trauma Resilience Model with elementary school age children in Oregon. The self-regulation and attentional skills of TRM/SRM can be used with children, their families, and teachers.

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NY Times: Wars on Drugs

LAST year, more active-duty soldiers committed suicide than died in battle. This fact has been reported so often that it has almost lost its jolting force. Almost. Worse, according to data not reported on until now, the military evidently responded to stress that afflicts soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan primarily by drugging soldiers on the […]

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The new Praeger Handbook for Community Mental Health Practice

This book includes a case study by Laurie Leitch in which effective trauma work is explored through stories from one of Laurie’s trips to a internally displaced persons camp in Kenya. The new Praeger Handbook for Community Mental Health Practice was published in February 2013 and is a new textbook for graduate courses in counseling […]

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Ecstasy as PTSD Treatment?

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on research conducted by MAPS on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a PTSD treatment, featuring interviews with researchers, participants, and military experts. Watch this video at

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