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War and Ink: Images and Stories Told Through Tattoos

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Image courtesy

Laurie Leitch ( and Brigadier General (ret.) Loree Sutton are in the process of putting together a book about the war-related tattoos of OEF/OIF active military and veterans. The book is intended to be a way to inform the public about the war experience through image and story. If you have a tattoo that reflects your experience in Iraq or Afghanistan and are willing to write a brief description of why you got the tattoo and its significance to you, please email Laurie a photo or photos of the tattoo(s) and we may be able to include the photo and your writing in our book. Once we have selected the 50 photos to be used we will arrange for a photographer to take high quality photos and call you to interview about your written piece. You’ll be asked to sign a release giving us permission to take the photo and to publish the photo along with your story about the tattoo(s). If you prefer not to have your name used, that will be fine.

We will also include writing of our own about working with OEF/OIF warriors and their loved ones. We plan to complete and publish the book in the spring of 2014.

Laurie is the contact person for the book. Please email her if you are willing to be part of this project. And, let your friends know if you think they may be interested. Also, if you have questions and aren’t sure about participating please email us your questions. Thanks for considering participating and letting others know!

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